8 Totally Cliché’ Things To Do in Las Vegas that are Actually Fun

Ask any travel enthusiast to name the places they’ve been, and there’s a huge chance they’ve been to Las Vegas AT LEAST once. It can be reasonably cheap and pack an unlimited array of things to see, that require little to no planning. Combine these things with an abundance of alcohol, and you’ve got yourself the party capital of the U.S. Now that Vegas is open and more people are vaccinated and able to safely travel, there is no better place to brush off the dust and enjoy some much-needed time away. Whether you are looking for a fun weekend trip or a week-long vacation, there are endless things to do in Las Vegas.


Whether its a high roller game of Black Jack, or an eager pull on a brightly lit penny slot, Las Vegas is a gambler’s playground. Synonymous with thoughts of poker chips and spinning cherries, millions of people from all over the world each year flock to the many hotel casinos with the hopes of “hitting it big.”

***TIP: As long as you are playing the slot machines, the drinks are free in the casinos, and the girls on the floor will keep them coming. (you just have to tip, or else it will probably be your last! I suggest at least $2/drink)


Las Vegas is KNOWN for its shows…and we’re not talking about Broadway. From the early days of Liberace, Sinatra, and Elvis, the bar was set for a new kind of show. And let me tell you, Vegas shows rarely disappoint. These flashy, pull-out-all-the-stops type of shows aren’t cheap however, so your best bet is to try and snag them on the same day at the ticket stands outside on the strip. That’s when the tickets will be at their lowest price, as brokers are trying to fill up any last-minute unsold seats.


It costs nothing at all to walk along the strip of casino hotels that line Las Vegas BLVD, and the walk is an experience in itself. You are welcome to carry drinks onto the street, and as most of the casinos use the same glasses, you worry little about what to do with the glass when you’re finished with them. There are an abundance of street performers, as well as numerous strip club promoters handing out inappropriate marketing cards, which you are sure to see littered along the sidewalk. There are also free shows outside of some of the hotels, and if you really want to be entertained, stop and people watch for a while.


If you’re thinking I’m crazy for including a buffet on a vacation to-do list, it’s probably because you have never eaten at a Vegas buffet. Just imagine walking into a magical place where every craving you could possibly have, is fully represented. Ranging anywhere between $7.99 (breakfast) and $90 (champagne brunch), these “super-buffets” take the concept of options to whole new level. Go ahead and get two plates, no one’s judging.


After you ask the receptionist if Caesar actually lived there, head over to the HUGE shopping mall connected to Caesar’s Palace, known as the Forum shops. Continuing the feel of ancient Rome, everything from the floor to the ceilings are completely in-theme. This expansion is actually considered the largest mall in the united states and will certainly put your pedometer to work while you spend your winnings.


Remember that scene in Ocean’s Eleven? Yep, that’s the Bellagio! Every 15-30 minutes (depending on the time of day) the front of the hotel becomes the foreground for an elaborate fountain display, complete with colorful lights and music. I personally think it is a little more exciting in the dark, so try stopping by on your way back to the hotel one night.


Italy a little too far for you? Well you’re in luck, because the Venetian hotel boasts an indoor/outdoor gondola ride that comes complete with a singing gondolier! Much like Caesar’s Palace, the hotel is made to look and feel like Italy, so everything from the cloudy sky ceiling to the bridges and canals are made to feel authentic. I would suggest the outdoor option, as the ride feels a little longer.


We’ve all heard “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” and it’s much more than just a slogan, I assure you. Each hotel is like an amusement park, with an abundance of things to do and see. You will be hard-pressed to find a single clock anywhere, or take more than a few steps without running into a bar of some sort. Throw in the fact that Marijuana was just recently made legal for recreation, and you’ve got yourself an adult fantasy land.



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  1. Does Las Vegas have any non-smoking casinos?


    1. There aren’t any entire casinos that I know of but Harrah’s, the Bellagio, and the MGM Grand, all have very large non-smoking areas in the casinos. Hope that helps! 🙂


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